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empowered women queen you are a queen Jun 06, 2021

Hello my friends, 

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Welcome to the Discover Your Personal Power Podcast, the show to help you live a life filled with peace, purpose, and power. My goal on this podcast is to give you something fun and meaningful to make your day a little brighter.  I want to help you find your light and your personal power within.  

My name is Peggy Moore and I am a wife and mother of over 30 years, a Nurse for over 20 years a Certified Professional Coach and wellness advocate.

I want you guys to know that I get it. Sometimes being human can be hard.  But the good news is we are in this together.  We all get to choose how we want to show up in this world.  and we can create the life of your dreams. 

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Queens Fix Each other's Crowns

I love the quote that says real Queens fix each other's crowns. I love this. One of the reasons I started coaching was to help other women discover their own personal power.  

I think sometimes as women we become increasingly concerned about having perfect figures, or professional status, or even absolute motherly success, that we become torn from our true selves. We often worry so much about pleasing and performing for others that we lose our own uniqueness.  We spend so much of our time, energy, and effort with our to-do list, and carefully calendar items that we forget to relax, enjoy and accept ourselves as a woman of worth and individuality. 

In a talk by Patricia Holland she said “Too many women watch helplessly as their lives unravel from the core that centers and sustains them. Too many are like a ship at sea without sail or rudder, tossed to and fro until more and more of us are genuinely, rail-grabbingly seasick.

Where is the sureness that allows us to sail our ship—whatever winds may blow—

I believe we can find it—the steady footing and the stilling of the soul—by turning away from the fragmentation of physical preoccupations or of superwoman careers or endless popularity contests and returning instead to the wholeness of our soul." 

Let’s talk today about being a Queen, not a Queen of medieval days where power and greed were the standards of the day, but Let’s give a new definition to being a Queen.  A Queen in your own life. 

Queens recognize their worth.

We cannot change our past, nor our biology—but we can certainly make sense of it and understand why we feel the way we do. Queens let go of self-defeating beliefs and patterns of behaviors and so that they can rise to their full potential.

They connect and value their true self and embrace their own core values, passions, and dreams.

There was a story told about a young prince who had been taken from his home and imprisoned.  The captors thought if they could destroy the prince morally and corrupt his mind and body he would never realize the great and grand destiny life had bestowed on him. 

They took him to a community far away and there he was exposed to every filthy and vile thing that life could offer.  They exposed him to foods the richness of which quickly made him a slave to appetite.  They used vile language around him and exposed him to all manner of evil. . He was surrounded 24 hours a day by everything that could drag the soul of a man down as low as one could slip.  Finally, after a long time of exposing the prince to all these things, the boy did not partake.  When his capturers asked him why not, why did not indulge in the pleasures they could give him.  The boy responded and said, "I cannot do what you ask because I was born to be a king. " 

You were born to be a Queen and Queens know their worth. 

Queens realize comparison is the thief of joy and competition is only with herself.  There are millions of stars in the sky and they all shine together, each one unique and beautiful unto themselves. They don’t worry about shining brighter than any of the other stars.  They simply focus on their own glow and share their light with the world. 

Queens recognize that other women’s success does not take anything away from their own self-worth. 

Queens know how to nourish their soul. Queens understand what helps them grow, which hobbies, activities, or daily rituals bring them joy or a deep sense of satisfaction? They pay attention to that which whispers to them and beckons time, curiosity, and intention. 

 Queens nourish their soul then they love to support and nourish other Queens.  When women come together and support one another they become invisible. A real Queen fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.

Helen Keller said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

There’s enough negative talk in the world.

Be someone who is known for believing in people

Shelly Zalis, creator of the Girls Lounge connecting more than 17,500 corporate women and female entrepreneurs says “ Now that so many more women are entering the workplace, we’re finding our voice. We’re also building circles of trust with one another because we may be experiencing similar hurdles, and have each other’s backs.”  There is power in the pack. 

Real Queens help each other shine

I love the Shine Theory, which is the idea that when you help another woman rise, we all shine. “Build other women up! If you see your co-worker doing a great job, give them credit…tell your boss or other co-workers,” 

When you see other moms struggling off a hand, show support. Give them a smile.  We all know what it feels like to be pushing the cart while trying to grocery shop and the littles are crying because they can’t eat all the food or have all the treats.  Grocery shopping with kiddos is hard. 

“At first it may seem like you’re taking attention away from yourself, but you’re actually showing that you’re a supportive team player as well as an inspiring leader—and secure enough in yourself to praise others.” 

Queens focus on Unity and bringing people together

Queens love all those around them, even those that may seem different. 

This can be extremely difficult. Much of our life is devoted to surrounding ourselves with people who are like us. We become friends with people who share common interests. We attend church each week in part to join with a community of people who have beliefs similar to ours. We even curate our social media feeds to feature individuals who think like we do and block or unfollow people whose opinions bother or offend us. This is a natural human inclination. We want to feel that we belong, that we are respected and understood, and that we are loved for who we are.

We must find our brothers and sisters who feel marginalized and out of place. They are not far. They sit next to us in class, stand behind us in line at the grocery store, and eat at our Thanksgiving table.  Sometimes we fail to see our brothers and sisters who most need our outreach because we can’t see past our own experiences. Our mistake may be to assume that everyone around us has reached the same conclusions and developed the same perspectives that we have. We must be prepared to accept that others’ experiences have been different from our own and that those experiences might lead to different conclusions, opinions, and ways of living. Otherwise, we risk further marginalizing and isolating the very neighbors the Savior has asked us to love. There is nothing lonelier than feeling like nobody really knows or understands you and fearing that if others truly did see you as you are, they might not accept you.

Queens reach out with empathy and compassion

Maya Angelou once said, "I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it."

Albert Einstein said, "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."

Former President Barack Obama has said, "The biggest deficit that we have in our society and in the world right now is an empathy deficit. We are in great need of people being able to stand in somebody else’s shoes and see the world through their eyes."

Empathy and compassion are expressed when we seek to understand.  Understanding is enabling.  The person who poses understanding is able to use their knowledge, flexibility, and adaptive

Every day someone in your path is hurting, someone is afraid, someone feels inadequate, someone needs a friend. Someone needs you to notice, to reach out, and to help him or her to heal. You may not know who that is at the time, but you can give encouragement and hope. You can help to heal wounds of misunderstanding and contention

 Queens help other Queens recognize and release their dreams.  

My kindergarten teacher was Miss Zehnger. One day a classmate brought an injured pigeon in from the playground. Instead of throwing the bird out, Miss Zehnger surprised us by buying a cage for it and making it our class pet. She let us feed the bird. After a while, its wing healed, and one day Miss Zehnger said, “Come outside with me. I want to show you something you’ll never forget. We followed as she marched outside with the cage, opened the cage door, and waited. The pigeon didn’t budge. He seemed to like his new house. Miss Zehnger shook and tapped the cage, and the pigeon finally hopped forward, looked over the edge, and flew away.

Perhaps without knowing it, Miss Zehnger gave us a picture in that moment of how to be a dream releaser. Each of us can tap on people’s cages and say, “You’re meant for more than this. You can fly.”

Believe in people and then take your strengths and use them to strengthen others.

If you have a strong marriage, help those who need stronger marriages. If you have a college education, help those who would like one. If you have overcome an addiction, help others overcome it too. With the faith you have for your dream, find others who are struggling with theirs and be a dream releaser. There’s enough negative talk in the world. Be someone who is known for believing in people.

 A Queen is a leader

Isn’t it crazy how, in the course of a few weeks, our reality can be turned on its head? Suddenly, our normal ways of working, socializing, and living are out the window as many of us stay home and do our part to flatten the curve. This is a moment in time when we are all co-dependent on one another. No one alone can fix the problem. We have to do this together.

Navigating change is always challenging, but when you’re navigating change in uncharted territory like this, it can feel especially daunting. However, as women, we have a secret power within us that helps enormously during times of crisis. It’s simple, and it’s innate: It’s our feminine strengths. 

Stephanie Buscemi     the Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce,  said

“A lot of the leadership qualities required right now happen to be in the wheelhouse of women. People need effective communication more than anything else, and women tend to be very strong communicators. People want transparency, to have their expectations set, to decisively make decisions, and take action. Women have a high EQ. 

Women are  great readers of people, they can tell when others are having challenging times, I look at so many of the women I work with, and these are their strengths.”

She calls it  “pivoting with positivity and proactivity.” Women aren’t daunted by a crisis; we’re poised to look forward, think outside the box, and find solutions. When the world zigs, we zag. 

“Women are crisis managers by nature. We are intuitive and pay attention to our emotions and to the emotions of others. During a crisis, we can leverage that talent into leadership. And right now, people are looking for leaders.” 

Real Queens are leaders 

Real Queens focus on solutions

Sometimes our world can seem a little chaotic and crazy.  When watching the news, it seems there's so much tension and division among us all.  With the worldwide pandemic, many of us have felt like we were faced with one struggle after another.  

But, instead of focusing on these struggles or problems, we know that we can shift our brain to focus on the solutions.  We can focus on what we can do, what we want to do, what we get the opportunity to do, instead of all the things we can’t do. 

Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems.  ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

And keep it simple

When NASA began launching astronauts into space, they found out that pens wouldn’t work at zero gravity, as the ink doesn’t flow down to the writing surface. In order to solve this problem, it took them ten years and $12 million.

NASA engineers developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on practically any surface including crystal, and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees Celsius.

What did the Russians do? They used a pencil! 

Focusing on the problem rarely helps find the solution.  Instead of wasting time and energy and thrashing your head against the wall at the problem.  Clear your mind, leave the fear and worry behind, and allow your mind to be creative. 

Real Queens make things happen - There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen. ~James Lovell

Knowing who we are, without appreciating what makes us unique will not do much for our self-worth. Savoring and sharing past experiences where our strengths impacted our performance or benefitted others allows momentary positive states to register in long-term memory and build a reservoir of self-worth.

And finally, we need to let go of perfection. This is because self-worth is judged against a self-ideal discrepancy that exists only in our mental maps. When the ideal is a mirage, the consistent gap becomes the birthplace of self-doubt, overwhelm, perpetual anxieties, and everything that keeps us from living life with courage and boldness.

At the end of the day, self-worth is inner security. It’s the friend that stands up for you when you are down and cheers you on when you are successful. Isn’t it time we began to nurture this relationship?

 Be the Queen in your own life, my friends.  Recognize that you are enough, you have unique gifts and talents to bring to the world.  We need you.  Lift and help others,  Fix another Queen's crown without telling the world it was broken. 

  • Queens recognize their worth.
  • Queens realize comparison is the thief of joy and competition is only with herself.  
  • Queens know how to nourish their soul and then they go and nourish the souls of others.
  • Queens focus on Unity and bringing people together
  • Queens love all those around them, even those that may seem different. 
  • Queens help other Queens recognize and release their dreams. 
  • Queens focus on solutions and make things happen

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Until we meet again,  my friends


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