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emotions mood Jun 06, 2021

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  I am so excited to have a special guest with me today.  I was attending a professional development day at my school and I heard this amazing presentation from Dr. Justin Rowberry on Mastering your Mood and I knew he would be perfect for the show. 

Dr. Rowberry is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician. He and his wife Megan are parents of 7 wonderful children.  

Justin earned his bachelor's degree in Spanish from Brigham Young University  and then went to Medical School at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2005

He did his pediatrics residency at the San Antonio Military Medical Pediatrics Consortium  and completed his fellowship in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Yale University 

Dr. Rowberry is the author of multiple research articles, book chapters. He is also on the editorial board for a journal specializing in autism and developmental delays.

Dr. Rowberry leads a regional team of child clinicians that provides developmental and behavioral care at multiple locations in Japan, Korea, and Guam.

He also gives frequent presentations to parents, schools, and children about behavior, mood, and specific actions that we can take to be happier.

 What does it mean to master your mood

  1. Stewing - What are you stewing in?
  2. What are you letting in?  We choose what we let in. 
  3. Technology training 
  4. Demystifying emotions.  We all have emotions, it's normal.  
  5. Avoiding over-focusing on self
  6. Family time and social connection. 


Thank you so much for listening and joining me and Dr. Rowberry to talk about ways to Master Your Mood. I hope you learned something, I know I did.  If you love this podcast make sure to subscribe so you can get all the episodes right to your inbox.  Leave me a review, reviews are how iTunes rates its podcast and it helps to get all this information out to more people. I have loved spending time with you today. I want to dig even deeper into how to master your mood. Join me in discovering your personal power coaching program. We have videos, fun worksheets, coaching calls, and lots of fun ways to help you discover your personal power. Go to and I will see you there

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