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copenotes mental health Jun 07, 2021

Hello, my friends,

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Today I am chatting with Johnny Crowder, the CEO & Founder of CopeNotes.
Johnny Crowder is a suicide and abuse survivor.  He spent his formative years searching for resources to help him cope with his mental health conditions ranging from OCD and bipolar disorder to schizophrenia. Through both music and motivational speaking.  Crowder's testimony has impacted millions of lives across the globe by de-mystifying taboo psychological principles and sensitive topics with levity and wit.

After nearly a decade of clinical treatment, volunteer peer counseling, and public advocacy, Crowder now relies on the strategies he shares through Cope Notes to live a happier, healthier life than ever before.

Copenotes will text you once a day to provide you with education, encouragement, and motivation to help train your brain to default to healthier thought patterns. 

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